Kevin Raiford

Director, Nevada Grow

Eric Garner

Director, Digital Strategy

John Gentile

Banking and Venture Capital Lead Counselor

Maria Schellhase

Blackstone Launchpad
Campus Lead

Michelle Chan

Counselor, Cantonese/Mandarin Mental Health Solutions

Shawn Claxton

Counselor, Prison Program

Gabriel Interrante

Counselor, Visual/
Performing Arts, GIS Specialist In Training

Listen to Gabriel's music

Mark McMillian

Counselor, Fitness/Nutrition

Emily Rafael

Counselor, Asian Community Liaison; Digital Marketing Designer/Coordinator

Jonathan Santos

Counselor (YouTube Channel)

Sarah Taylor

Financial Manager
(MBDA and NV Grow)

Ben Kang

Frontend Developer, UX Designer

Curtis Brass (DJ Ice Break)

Podcast Sound Engineer

Sean Tory

Senior Analyst; MBDA Podcast Host

Dontae Carter


Tyler Stefanelli


Uriel Ferguson

College Intern