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NV Grow at CSN


NV Grow is a State of Nevada small business initiative customized for Southern Nevada’s existing businesses. NV Grow gives entrepreneurs access to business peer learning groups, where activities include roundtables with a diverse array of companies, group discussions, and mentoring. Nevada Grow models the concept of Economic Gardening – connecting entrepreneurs to essential data, marketing, and business intelligence resources – to help companies build capacity and produce jobs.


Blackstone LaunchPad provides mentorship and startup business creation support for students at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Our mentors are here to guide you. Learn more about Blackstone LaunchPad here.

NV Grow at CSN

NVenture Fund

The NVenture Fund application portal closes on June 1, 2023.


What is NVenture Funding?

This program provides grant assistance to small businesses located in the State of Nevada that demonstrate financial need.

Who can apply?

Small businesses that are operated in the State of Nevada.

What are the criteria for NVenture Fund Applicants?

– Proprietary intellectual property or knowledge.
– A large market size.
– Management team members with expertise and experience.
– Scalable business model.
– A current valuation that allows for a good return on investment.
– Ability to promote the NVenture program and give back to the community.

What can I expect after I apply?

An email will be sent to request the required documentation. Each application will be carefully evaluated by the funding committee.

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NV Grow Network of Supporters

  • To see supporters and partners of NV Grow, please visit our Partners page.

Key Solutions for Clients

  • Demographics data
  • Marketing ideas
  • Network with other industries
  • Business Plan improvements
  • Ideas to pivot services, products,
    and solutions
  • Talents who can potentially help with
    business expansions and/or pivots
  • Professional UI/UX website design
  • Website development with e-commerce capability,
    booking platform, & more
  • Email marketing for acquisition,
    retention, and more
  • Search-engine optimization /
    search-engine marketing

Blackstone LaunchPad

The College of Southern Nevada Blackstone LaunchPad
group fosters a culture of innovative entrepreneurship
within the Las Vegas community by developing events
and programs that help a diverse student population
acquire the expertise necessary to create and sustain
a successful business. Our programming provides
high-quality services, business acumen,
and connections that bridge the gap between
the classroom and running a successful business.

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Nevada Grow Demogpraphics

Nevada Grow Client Demographics

Black/African American
Native American
Women Owned Businesses
Veteran Owned
Under 40 Years of Age
Under 30 Years of Age

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