Funding Options for Your Business with Expert Panel

SCORE Las Vegas is pleased to present a Small Business Funding panel designed to answer questions for those in business and those looking to start a business. Panelists include representatives from traditional and alternative funding sources. Each panelist will provide a short overview about their funding organizations in terms of what they look for when meeting with potential clients and what is required to secure access to capital.

We will then open the workshop up to the audience to ask questions of the panelists.  Each panelist will provide some thoughts on today’s financing environment and then time will be made available to have your own questions answered. We hope to see you there!

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How MBDA Can Help Black Entrepreneurs Elevate Their Business in 2024

Join us for a virtual webinar where we will bring MBDA’s equities together to discuss the programs and services they offer to assist entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their businesses. More specifically, this event will provide participants with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, including understanding market trends, accessing capital, analyzing financial data, negotiating contracts, and evaluating different business strategies. Representatives from MBDA™’s Leadership Team, Business Centers, Enterprising Women of Color program, Capital Readiness Program, and Federal Procurement Center will help MBEs to use MBDA™’s tools and resources to learn how to stay abreast of industry trends, embrace change, and develop creative solutions to challenges, fostering success and a culture of innovation within their businesses.

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NV Grow is Featured in Nevada Independent’s Spanish Podcast: Cafecito Nevada

The Nevada Independent en Español, the Spanish branch of the nonpartisan, nonprofit news and opinion website, The Nevada Independent, featured NV Grow in their podcast: Cafecito Nevada. With the goal to disseminate information and resources to the ever growing Latino community of Nevada, hosts Luz Gray and Michelle Rindels interviewed NV Grow’s Spanish representative and PR and Marketing consultant, Idania Ramirez. 


In Nevada, more than 30% of the population is Hispanic, according to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, many of whom are also business owners. In fact, more than 18% of all businesses in Nevada are Hispanic owned, a larger number compared to the average 6.5% of Hispanic-owned businesses in the country. That is more than 50,000 Hispanic owned businesses in Nevada, many of whom are in need of resources to help their businesses grow and are now aware of the services NV Grow offers thanks to the podcast episode: Nevada y Un Programa Para Pequeños Negocios on Cafecito Nevada.  


In the Spanish interview, that can be listened to on Spotify here, Idania Ramirez explained the resources NV Grow provides which includes business consulting, website services, marketing and PR services, financial guidance and much more. With lack of access and knowledge of assistance programs serving as the main barrier for business growth in the Hispanic population in Nevada, fear in looking for resources due to immigration status also serves as a major contributing factor as to why Hispanic businesses may not look for or know of resources like NV Grow. Nevertheless, there are opportunities for immigrants to also receive assistance, of which was explained in the podcast interview. 


With success in helping many Latin businesses in Nevada grow, like Filoso, Milpa, Fiesta 98.1, Mylofleur, Luis’ Cocina and many more, NV Grow continues to help increase economic development in the state by providing paid for services, guidance and networking opportunities not only to Hispanic businesses in the state, but also to women-owned business, veteran owned business and other minority owned businesses. 


With a recurring message shared in the podcast episode of, “We are here to help. There are many resources that can help your business grow. Don’t be afraid. Please reach out,” the Spanish episode involves more information that can be beneficial for you or your loved one.


To listen to the entire podcast episode, visit the link below:


Nevada y Un Programa Para Pequeños Negocios on Cafecito Nevada.  

NV Grow Clients Win Awards in Best of Las Vegas: Chocolatier 2023

Two NV Grow clients win titles in the infamous Best of Las Vegas awards, Chocolatier category, showing they truly dominate the chocolate industry in Vegas. With a leading gold award for NV Grow client, Sugar & Spice and a Bronze award for NV Grow client, LV Baking Company, both are on a path of growth to keep showing more locals that they truly have some of the best chocolate in town and a booming businesses you do not want to miss out on.

Rated as the best chocolatier of 2023, Sugar & Spice is now growing exponentially as they provide award-winning chocolate peanut butter balls with a deeper purpose. Employing at-risk foster youth and young adults with autism, Sugar & Spice serves a mission to create a safe place for youth that normally struggle to find employment by allowing them to create and package the products while also working on their self-development and futures. 


“Being named Best of Las Vegas in the “Chocolatier” category is an honor as it definitely leads to some bragging rights in our city,” says CEO of Sugar & Spice, Sheri Long. “My hope is that having this title will bring a curiosity to the people of Las Vegas and they will have a desire to try our Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls and check out why the hype.”


They provide delectable treats that have a smooth chocolate on the outside with a light and delicate creamy peanut butter krisp crunch on the inside. It’s the perfect treat for yourself and loved one that not only tastes good, but helps you feel good by knowing you’re helping youth get ahead in life. After receiving services from NV Grow in brand messaging and social media strategy, Sugar & Spice is only getting started and is expected to grow exponentially. 


“As a small business owner doing it all, NV Grow has been a resource to assist in areas that may not necessarily be my strong point,” says Sheri Long, founder of Sugar & Spice. “I have learned new ways to approach various aspects of sales, promotion, and social media content. Having the assistance of NV Grow has provided a sense of security in knowing that there are supportive resources out there for small businesses assisting in many forms, and always as a silent cheerleader that is “on call” when questions may arise.”

Long time award winning bakery, Las Vegas Baking Company, placed bronze in 2023 while also placing silver in 2022 followed by bronze in 2021 and 2020. The baking company that offers bread with no preservatives, no bleached flour and is baked fresh on site everyday, is also growing in success through their famous and delicious chocolates which include truffles, dipped berries, designed sculptures, cakes and many more. For more than 15 years, they have been baking fresh, natural bread and creating high quality chocolates in the heart of ChinaTown while now also providing their delectables to casinos on the Vegas strip. “[Winning these awards has been] a great accomplishment for me and my staff, considering all the talent in this town,” says CEO of Las Vegas Baking Company, Cory Fields.


After receiving marketing services by NV Grow which included marketing strategy, video production services, financial assistance and more, Las Vegas Baking Company is definitely a bakery you do not want to miss out on. NV Grow has helped me expand my advertising and labor budget and in turn I have been able to hire additional staff, also increase my advertising program,” says Cory Fields, owner of Las Vegas Baking Company. “I felt that with the assistance of NV Grown, it has had a positive impact on my business, not only from the grant but from the personal attention I received from everyone involved with the program!”


Both businesses have received assistance from NV Grow through the Clark County Technical and Economic Assistance Program (TEAP) where NV Grow has served as subject matter experts providing paid-for consultants and financial advisors to help both businesses grow. 


NV Grow is very proud of Sugar & Spice and Las Vegas Baking Company for their hard work. It is an honor to serve you both. 


For more information on Sugar & Spice visit:

For more information on Las Vegas Baking Company visit:

For more information on the 2023 Best of Las Vegas: Chocolatier awards visit:

The Governor’s Office of Entrepreneurship wants to hear your thoughts about new and small business development


It is an exciting time in these early days of the Governor’s new Office of Entrepreneurship. We want to be sure we take this time to hear from you and capture the intentions of local communities for new and small business development. We would like to extend this invitation to community members who are local entrepreneurs, starting a new business or pursing business ownership, as well as those who are actively supporting entrepreneur education and business development – whether they are brick-and-mortar shopfronts, or online enterprises.

Please accept this placeholder for your January calendar and join us for our community consultation on entrepreneurship, planned for Las Vegas-Henderson on 01/31 (and Reno-Sparks on 01/29). Each in-person day will include interactive workshops that offer holistic discussion with lead decision-makers in the morning, and a deeper dive into specific practitioner communities with key operators in the afternoon; followed two weeks later by a virtual revisit to conclude community deliberations. We especially encourage community members in education/training, funding/financing, permitting/licensing and entrepreneurs/businesses to attend.


We invite you to join the conversation in a cross-regional dialogue at WeWork Town Square on Wednesday/January 31 (9am-4pm) to review local priorities, set strategic goals and determine the necessary resources to successfully face new business opportunities and challenges.


By working together to share goals, best practices and lessons learned, you are helping the Office of Entrepreneurship to make recommendations to the State Legislature for necessary programs, services and resources that meet our future needs to advance local business activity for a prosperous economy.


Please register by emailing [email protected] by January 29 (noting the community in which you are primarily involved) to receive confirmation and event details.

Community Town Hall at East Las Vegas Library

Join us for a special Town Hall co-hosted by the Lieutenant Governor Stavros Anthony’s Office and the Office of Small Business Advocacy.

This event provides an opportunity for local elected officials, small business owners, and community members to come together in a collaborative discussion about issues impacting our community and the challenges facing small businesses.

Your active participation is not only welcomed but encouraged!

Thank you for your commitment to our community, and we hope to see you there!

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Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Progam (ERC-VDP)

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the advantages of the ERC-VDP
  • Learn who can apply to participate in the ERC-VDP and how
  • Learn what happens after you apply to the ERC-VDP
  • Learn about ERC resources from the IRS
  • Plus, a live Q & A 

Offered with closed captioning.  Closed Captioning displays the words that descrbe the audio portion of the program for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Captions are available in English only.

Thursday, February 8, 2024 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern, 1:00 p.m. Central, 12:00 p.m. Arizona and Mountain, 11:00 a.m. Pacific, 10:00 a.m. Alaska, 9:00 a.m. Hawaii.

Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar launches “Project Orion,” Nevada’s business licensing portal overhaul

RENO, NV – This week, Nevada Secretary of State Francisco Aguilar held the public launch of “Project Orion,” the massive overhaul of Nevada’s business licensing suite, SilverFlume.

“Project Orion is making business easier in Nevada and will bolster our economy. Giving Nevada’s entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed, like access to capital and a functional system, helps our whole state,” said Secretary Aguilar. “You shouldn’t need a lawyer to figure out a mandatory government system. Far too often, we hear from Nevadans who have difficulty navigating the process of obtaining a business license and give up because it’s too complicated. I can’t say thank you enough to the team in the Secretary of State’s Office who are dedicated to uplifting small business owners and entrepreneurs through this project.”

Pictures from the launch can be found HERE.

The Secretary of State’s Office received $15 million for Project Orion from the 2023 legislative session to rapidly accelerate fixes to Nevada’s business licensing software suite and begin building a framework for the future.

A one-sheet detailing just a few of the significant improvements customers can expect to see in SilverFlume can be found here. The Secretary of State’s Office also launched a new landing page for Project Orion to keep the business community and all Nevadans aware of progress on the project.

“Project Orion is focused on improving the customer experience and lessen the burden on anyone who interacts with the Secretary of State’s Office,” said Deputy Secretary for Commercial Recordings Shauna Bakkedahl. “With direct feedback from the business community, our Office has hit the ground running and made significant improvements to the system already, including additional self-help tools, decreased call wait times, bug fixes and more. We’re excited to head into the next year with even more improvements on the horizon.”

The Secretary of State’s Office encourages feedback from the business community as this project develops. To sign up to take part in our surveys, click here.

College of Southern Nevada Teams up with City of Henderson to Launch Small Business Assistance Program

Henderson, NV (December 12, 2023): The College of Southern Nevada is proud to partner with The City of Henderson to launch the Henderson Small Business Assistance Program (HSBA). The mission is to help underserved, late-stage businesses build long-term resilience, capacity, and the ability to create jobs.

Funded by the City of Henderson and administered by the College of Southern Nevada and NV Grow, this program is open to late-stage startup businesses that have had their principal place of business within the city for at least two years and generate between $50,000-$700,000 in annual revenue.

“We are excited to work closely with these businesses and connect them with high-level technical resources,” said Dr. Clarissa M. Cota, CSN Vice President of the NLV Campus and Administrator in Charge of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Division. “This program will have a meaningful impact that affects future job creation and the greater business community.”

Business owners selected for the HSBA Program will be paired with an NV Grow counselor who will provide technical expertise for up to 12 months. During that time, the business owners will receive high-level technical assistance from skilled providers in a variety of fields, including marketing, web design, e-commerce, accounting, financing, video creation, and more. The goal is to help small businesses create a resiliency work plan that can help improve chances for entrepreneurial success while identifying project milestones.

The application process for the HSBA Program is already underway. For more information go to

2023 Blackstone LaunchPad Ideas Competition

The College of Southern Nevada wants to congratulate the winners of the latest Blackstone LaunchPad Ideas Competition powered by StartupTree. The campus-round competition was held virtually on October 26,  2023,, and it offered each finalist a chance to win $1,000 to start the next big thing. The goal of this annual competition is to encourage students to come up with a unique and compelling product or service and then design a solid and practical plan on how they will sell and market it in the real world. All students, regardless of their major, are invited to apply.

The four winners selected for the competition at CSN were Logan Lundblad, Gloria Pipes, Selina Solis and Jimmy Walley.

Lundblad submitted under the Health and Life Science Track. His business idea is called “Typenone” and described as a glucose monitoring/insulin delivery system that allows both devices to receive feedback from each other. Pipes submitted her idea under the Consumer Products and Services Track. It’s called “Luxe Weddings LV” and she wants to work with multiple business partners to provide affordable weddings for her clients. Solis submitted under the General Track and her idea is called “Thunder Buddies”. It’s described as a personalized support doll for cancer patients of any age. Finally, Wally who submitted under the Social and Climate Impact Track proposed an idea called “Carbon Footprint Demolition and Recycling”. It’s a mobile demolition, recycling and manufacturing Center.

Winners from each LaunchPad campus will then move on to compete in the national round competition, where the grand prize winner in each track will receive $10,000!

The College of Southern Nevada Blackstone LaunchPad group fosters a culture of innovative entrepreneurship within the Las Vegas community by developing events and programs that help a diverse student population acquire the expertise necessary to create and sustain a successful business. Our programming provides high-quality services, business acumen, and connections that bridge the gap between the classroom and running a successful business.

Congratulations again to all the campus-round winners. While none of our campus-round winners advanced to win the national competition, they received invaluable feedback from the judges that will undoubtedly enhance their final pitch decks and prepare them for future success.