NV Grow is Featured in Nevada Independent’s Spanish Podcast: Cafecito Nevada

The Nevada Independent en Español, the Spanish branch of the nonpartisan, nonprofit news and opinion website, The Nevada Independent, featured NV Grow in their podcast: Cafecito Nevada. With the goal to disseminate information and resources to the ever growing Latino community of Nevada, hosts Luz Gray and Michelle Rindels interviewed NV Grow’s Spanish representative and PR and Marketing consultant, Idania Ramirez. 


In Nevada, more than 30% of the population is Hispanic, according to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, many of whom are also business owners. In fact, more than 18% of all businesses in Nevada are Hispanic owned, a larger number compared to the average 6.5% of Hispanic-owned businesses in the country. That is more than 50,000 Hispanic owned businesses in Nevada, many of whom are in need of resources to help their businesses grow and are now aware of the services NV Grow offers thanks to the podcast episode: Nevada y Un Programa Para Pequeños Negocios on Cafecito Nevada.  


In the Spanish interview, that can be listened to on Spotify here, Idania Ramirez explained the resources NV Grow provides which includes business consulting, website services, marketing and PR services, financial guidance and much more. With lack of access and knowledge of assistance programs serving as the main barrier for business growth in the Hispanic population in Nevada, fear in looking for resources due to immigration status also serves as a major contributing factor as to why Hispanic businesses may not look for or know of resources like NV Grow. Nevertheless, there are opportunities for immigrants to also receive assistance, of which was explained in the podcast interview. 


With success in helping many Latin businesses in Nevada grow, like Filoso, Milpa, Fiesta 98.1, Mylofleur, Luis’ Cocina and many more, NV Grow continues to help increase economic development in the state by providing paid for services, guidance and networking opportunities not only to Hispanic businesses in the state, but also to women-owned business, veteran owned business and other minority owned businesses. 


With a recurring message shared in the podcast episode of, “We are here to help. There are many resources that can help your business grow. Don’t be afraid. Please reach out,” the Spanish episode involves more information that can be beneficial for you or your loved one.


To listen to the entire podcast episode, visit the link below:


Nevada y Un Programa Para Pequeños Negocios on Cafecito Nevada.