Russian Refugees Receive Work and Life Skills Training From Non-Profit Land to Land

A group of refugees escaping the war between Russia and Ukraine arrived in Las Vegas to receive a life changing training for one week hosted by the local refugee resettlement non-profit and NV Grow client, Land to Land. The refugees, who have been consistently traveling from country to country as they find settlement, are from different parts of Russia and are all in search of one thing: to find a new home as they flee from their home country that is still at war with their neighbors. Currently there are more than 8 million Ukranians and Russians escaping their countries due to the war according to UNHCR and a group of them landed in Las Vegas with hopes for a change.

Settling into a new country and a new culture is not easy, so the non-profit Land to Land, who has also been providing them guidance and resources throughout their journey, held a training for them in Vegas with the goal to help them adapt and become great community members. The training included teaching them American customer service, mannerisms, language skills and more. Through various days of training, the refugees had the opportunity to put their skills to test as they worked in floral design and event production with the floral architect studio and NV Grow client, Mylofleur.

With the goal to help spread awareness of the impact Land to Land and Mylofleur are providing, NV Grow assisted both businesses with public relations. Through this effort, NV Grow was able to get various local news stations to cover the story, including this one aired by Channel 8, showcasing the great work to thousands of people in the city and expanding reach on both businesses. While the refugees continue the process of getting a work permit soon, Land to Land and Mylofleur will continue to provide aid as much as possible and NV Grow looks forward to helping both businesses continue the cause.