NVenture Fund Capital Recipients
Through November 1, 2021

Filoso Barber Brand

Who we are? We are a Barber brand created by barbers for barbers. Our mission is to provide you with the best quality tools and products, at a fair price, and with fast shipping. We dedicate our time and experience to creating signature tools like the Filoso blade. Built with high-quality Swedish steel, the Filoso blade is consistent, long-lasting, and super sharp. Lastly, the blade can easily be snapped in half, allowing the barber two unique ways to utilize the tool.

Kim Photography/Viet Culture

Kim Photography LLC provides fine portrait photography – in various locations around Las Vegas Strip, Henderson, North Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas Valley area Kim Dung Ho is leading the Vietnamese business community to greater heights by sponsoring events and creating awareness. There are over 1,500 businesses that will benefit from the formation of the Viet Culture initiative.

Makers and Finders

Makers & Finders is internationally recognized for its Latin comfort food, specialty coffee, and unique ambiance. With mentions in Bon Appétit, The Sunday (UK), The NY Times, Washington Post, Las Vegas Review-Journal, and many more! The company has three locations and is still looking to expand.

NuLife Kicks

In March 2019, the company was founded. Eighty-five percent of the revenue came from walk customers desiring to have their sneakers restored. With the COVID situation, there was a downturn in business.

NV Grow, through SANDI, assisted husband and wife owners Akeeem and Marquee Anifowoshe with selling their products online. A meeting was set up and facilitated with Wayne Stacy, Director, Silicon Valley Regional Office United States Patent and Trademark Office. MBDA also filmed a video for the client to explain product usage models and promote the brand.

NuLife kicks has doubled their revenue with 80% of business coming from product orders. Also, the company has hired two new employees to keep up with the demand. They are currently looking to expand to a larger warehouse.

Rockpro Enterprises LLC

RockPro specializes in windshield repair across the United States. Our one-of-a-kind patented process is the best DIY solution to fix your windshield on the market. We are bigger, better, and faster at removing those pesky windshield chips – and we are cheaper too!

RockPro founder, Charles Brian LeMon, is an inventor and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the windshield repair industry. With both a commercial unit and DIY unit, RockPro repair kits are taking over the windshield repair market, catering to commercial and retail shops across the country.

While most products merely offer a resin-filled syringe and a 45-minute repair process, RockPro takes a new and improved approach to windshield repairs. RockPro’s patented product attaches to your car’s windshield, draws the air out of the chip, immediately fills it with a special resin, then follows behind with pressure to seal in the resin. Anyone and we mean ANYONE, can use RockPro’s windshield repair kit and fix a chipped windshield in 10 MINUTES OR LESS!

Solar LED Safety

No Price on a Life! Reducing fatalities and injuries globally. Be seen 2X the distance of regular vests during work and recreation. Tom Mueller, owner of Mueller Striping since 1977, had an insight that typical reflective gear was not enough. Megan Collins, who has been involved in the construction industry since 2003, was instrumental in the development of the Solar LED Safety Vest with her design background. As a result, they realized the need for increased visibility and safety. Certified: DBE – Nevada and Caltrans, EDWOSB, ESB, LSDB, MBE, SBE, WBE, and WOSB.

Studio Kanvas

Websites can be hard! Here at Kanvas, we focus on one thing — making websites simple. No need to design, develop, or manage bloated web builders. Simply tell the team at Kanvas what you want with your website, and we will take care of it for you. Focus on what’s most important: Your business.